Episode 35: Taking Risks

This week I reflect on the risks that I have taken and how they have gotten me to where I’m at now. Each risk has added pieces to the puzzle of who I am. What risks have you taken? Email the show at podcast@be-great.today, tweet me @jonathanbloom, leave me a voicemail at 1-440-536-3711 or comment on this episode. Have an AWESOME week! Check out our website at http://Be-Great.TODAY. Email me at podcast@be-great.todayLinks:GodspellSlime Time LIVESlime Time Live: 3/30/01 Full ShowBe Great TODAY Episode 34: Eying My Imperfections - Focusing on What I Can’t ChangeComedy BarnJonathan Bloom in a Comedy Barn routineG4 (U.S. TV channel)TechTVG4techTVThe Screen SaversSpike TV Gets Fiery Farewell as Paramount Network Launch Approaches (Watch)TWiTThe New Screen SaversTab the Killer CatTab The Killer Cat on The Screen SaversThe Mr. Fluffles Show Episode OneThe Mr. Fluffles Show Episode TenThe 7 O'Clock News Episode 4SuperBug Take 2: Episode 9 - Out Of OrderNewcomer's Salsa - Jonathan Bloom - Michigan Dance Challenge 3/29/12LumeritBe Great TODAY Episode 11: "Perfection" (Featuring Interview with Kaz, creator of the winning Hogger Cosplay at BlizzCon 2017)Be Great TODAY Episode 13: How to Fly a Firetruck to Belize

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